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Misha and Tom are Paid a Visit?

Published 07/05/11

More Hisaronu dolphin project images
(Photograph by Kemal Aydoga)

Born Free's dolphin rescue and rehabilitation recently spotted two wild dolphins within close vicinity of Misha and Tom’s rehabilitation sea pen.

At 7:40 on the morning of June 23, two wild dolphins visited the bay in Turkey where Misha and Tom are being rehabilitated for release back to the wild. Initially the wild dolphins came to the northern side of the sea pen and Tom and Misha proceeded to spy hop (poking their beaks out the water for a better look). Next, the wild dolphins went to southern side of the sea pen and Misha breached three times.

We cannot know what Misha and Tom are thinking or communicating underwater when wild dolphins approach the area, but they are no doubt interested. The presence of wild dolphins in the area is a very encouraging prospect for Misha and Tom’s potential release later this year.

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