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About the Limbe Wildlife Center

Published 05/18/11

The Limbe Wildlife Center (LWC), a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project situated in the southwest region of Cameroon, was started in 1993 by the Pandrillus Foundation, a conservation NGO, and the government of Cameroon. Since this time it has become home to a variety of critically endangered wildlife species including the ellioti chimpanzee, the drill monkey, the western lowland and Cross River gorillas, several species of long-tailed monkeys, including the locally endemic Preuss’ guenon, and various reptile and bird species.

Cameroon has one of the most diverse ranges of plant and animal species of any country in the world. However, many people are not aware of how special the flora and fauna of this country are, nor are many people aware of how rapidly much of it is being lost forever.

The Limbe Wildlife Center plays an active role in local conservation efforts by being actively involved in the implementation of the national wildlife protection laws and by providing a solution of where to place animals seized by law enforcement agencies. Additionally, by protecting and caring for the wild animals of Cameroon, the project provides one of the few opportunities for local people to see and learn about their own precious natural heritage and how they can take steps to ensure its conservation.

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