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Born Free USA Global Field Projects

Tigers, Other Big Cats Suffer in Captivity

Published 06/20/12

Throughout the world, countless thousands of tigers and other big cats are kept in appalling conditions in zoos, circuses and private ownership. Even in modern zoos tigers, lions and other big cats repeatedly pace, frustrated because their hunting and territorial instincts are denied.

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The Sighting of a Lifetime

Published 06/19/12

A friend of Born Free recently saw something that's truly remarkable.

The very rare sight of a tigress and her five (yes, five!) cubs occurred in Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra State, around which our Satpuda Landscape Tiger Programme colleagues deliver their community conservation programs. Just two weeks before this exciting encounter, Born Free representatives were hosting a seminar in the very same reserve, assessing our partners’ progress and making plans for the next phase of field activities to protect tigers and their habitat.

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Tigers in India

Published 06/19/12

With as few as 3,500 wild tigers left in the world, and numbers rapidly decreasing, the future for this iconic species in its natural habitat is precarious indeed. Tiger range throughout India, Indochina and Southeast Asia is now 40 percent smaller than it was in 1951, and today tigers occupy a mere 7 percent of their historical territory. Amid this, the threats are mounting.

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