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Born Free USA Global Field Projects

There can be no Two without Three

The hyenas at Ensessakotteh

Published 11/06/13

The following was written by Stephen Brend, Director of Ensessakotteh - a Wildlife Rescue, Conservation, and Education Centre.

Back in March, when we were asked to rescue a young hyena, our hearts sank. Hyenas are notoriously difficult to look after and their rehabilitation equally problematic. But we could not say no, and so Matama entered our lives: the first hyena in our care, ever in the history of Born Free.

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Public Enemy Number One?

Published 03/07/13

The following was written by Stephen Brend, Director of Ensessakotteh - a Wildlife Rescue, Conservation, and Education Centre.

Meet Matama, an orphaned spotted hyena. He is about 6 weeks old, weighs 3 kilograms, and is lucky that he isn’t in Sudan. From the story we were told, he was caught near the town of Matama in western Ethiopia, apparently destined for sale in across the border in Sudan where some people keep hyenas as a sort of magic charm. This little cub, however, was purchased by an Ethiopian man who took him eastward to the city of Bahar Dar. We understand that the man kept him for about three weeks before the authorities were notified and the little cub was confiscated by the police.

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False Leads

Published 11/17/12
By Alison Hood, Born Free Foundation

Following the previous day’s call about two orphaned “cheetah” in Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park (ASNP), Born Free Ethiopia Project Director Stephen Brend and myself left Addis at lunchtime and arrived at the park office just after 5 p.m. Our plan had been to set off as soon as our meetings in Addis were over, get to the park office, collect the cheetahs and then spend the night in the area with Born Free Ethiopia Board Member Davide Valle, who lives nearby. This would save taking a long drive back in the dark.

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Another Cheetah Cub Rescued!

Published 08/20/12

The cheetah frolics upon arrival.
(Photograph by Born Free Ethiopia)

Wednesday, Aug. 15: We are keeping our fingers crossed.

A small group of orphaned cheetah cubs, who were originally stolen from the wild, were confiscated recently in Berbera in northwest Somaliland. Two cubs subsequently died.

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Kebri: He’s Outside!

Published 06/12/12

Kebri starts to feel at home.
(Photograph by Born Free Ethiopia)

With young Kebri, we have been on a roller coaster of a ride — and that doesn’t just describe the awful flight we had to endure to get him here. After his arrival on May 31, he went on an either physical or emotionally induced hunger strike. He simply would not eat. Finally, on the Sunday he delicately took some small pieces of meat.

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An Impetuous Rescue in Ethiopia

Published 06/06/12

(The following is a blog written May 31 by our chief executive officer, Will Travers.)

We’ve just done something rather rash. We acted instinctively, with our hearts not our heads. Let me tell you what we’ve done. I know you’ll understand …

Last week I got a heart-wrenching phone call from Ethiopia. It was Stephen Brend, our project director there. “If we don’t rescue this lion cub, they’re going to shoot him."

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Cheetah Rescue!

Published 05/02/12
By Adam M. Roberts, Born Free USA Executive Vice President

Ethiopian Wildlife Center project images
(Photograph by Born Free Ethiopia)

It was intended to be a simple trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to attend the meeting of the Board of Directors of Born Free Foundation Ethiopia (BFFE), of which I am a proud member, and to see our wildlife sanctuary there. It turned into a rescue mission for four cheetah cubs delivered from neighboring Somaliland.

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McKenna Expresses Thanks for Lion Rescue (VIDEO)

Published 11/25/11

Virginia McKenna, who with her late husband, Bill Travers, and son Will Travers (Born Free USA's chief executive officer) co-founded the Born Free Foundation, thanks supporters for sponsoring the foundation's successful rescue of four lions in Ethiopia.

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