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Born Free USA Global Field Projects

Dolphins' Release Projected This September

Published 05/13/11

More Hisaronu dolphin project images
(Photograph by Jeff Foster)

A Born Free Foundation team has just returned from a visit to dolphin project in Turkey where we met with our Turkish partners S.A.D. (Underwater Research Society) and caught up with how Misha and Tom’s rehabilitation is progressing.

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Hisaronu Dolphins in Turkey

Published 01/04/11

Two bottlenose dolphins who had been grabbed from the sea were hauled in the back of a produce van to a hillside Turkish tourist resort. They unceremoniously were dumped into a small concrete swimming pool. Their owner planned to use the mammals for “swim with” opportunities and charge tourists $80 for the “privilege.”

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Rescued Dolphins Get a Larger Sea Pen

Born Free Needs Your Help To Ensure Their Rehabilitation to the Wild

Published 10/12/10

Tom and Misha, the two bottlenose dolphins Born Free rescued this summer from a filthy pool in Hisaronu, Turkey, are starting to feel at home in their temporary sea pen. The picture shows a moment of joy for Tom as he leaps up into the air. Our project partners are building a bigger sea pen with the aim of introducing the dolphins to their official rehabilitation facility in a few weeks. Tom and Misha were captured off the Turkish coast five years ago. Now a dedicated team, including colleagues from the United States, are preparing them for a life back in the wild, where they belong.

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Dolphins in Turkey (COMPLETED)

Published 09/07/10

Following a dramatic negotiation, the Born Free Foundation® secured the release of two dolphins, Tom and Misha. Their plight made international news when they were placed in a small concrete swimming pool in the Turkish town of Hisaronu for the purpose of tourist swim-with experiences. Here, local campaign group, the Dolphin Angels, arranged a massive Facebook protest and an ongoing street presence, calling for their release. The aim was to rehabilitate the two dolphins and release them back into the ocean.

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