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More Than 60 Days After the Release ...

Published 07/16/12

It is now over 60 days since Tom and Misha were released back to the wild. Misha, after heading in the same direction as Tom for a few days, changed course and headed east toward the area of Antalya. The team managed to observe him there last week, but only from a distance, and he is moving and diving well.

Meanwhile, Tom has headed to Kusadesi, not far from the area we believe he was originally caught. The team were also able to catch up with him.

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More Than 50 Days After the Release ...

Published 07/02/12

It's now over 50 days since Tom and Misha were released and the initial daily cycling on the satellite tags has changed to every other day. With the two dolphins having gone their separate ways, a small contingent from the rehabilitation team is now working to try and get good, fresh visuals on both, starting with Misha.

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Six Weeks After the Release ...

Published 06/18/12
By Born Free Foundation

Derya Yildirim, who was the Born Free Foundation site manager for the "Back to the Blue" project, and is now working on the post-release monitoring, reports with the latest news on Tom and Misha:

It is over a month now since Tom and Misha were released back to the wild. (May 9). Both dolphins, following their initial separation after release, continue to adapt to their "wildlife" in different locations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Two Weeks After the Release ...

Published 05/24/12
By Born Free Foundation

It’s now just over two weeks since Tom and Misha were released back into the wild and their progress continues to be tracked via their satellite tags and, with Tom, via his VHF tag.

Misha has moved about a great deal and appears to be hunting in the seas near to the island of Rhodes. Tom, as you will see from the earlier reports, is near the Turkish mainland, and because of his tendency to travel and hunt near to the coastline, Jeff and Derya have based themselves in that region for a few days to monitor his progress.

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Published 05/11/12

The following is reprinted from the Born Free Foundation's website. All pictures are courtesy of the foundation.

It is 48 hours since Tom and Misha were released back into the ocean and they have travelled over 100 miles in the direction of their home waters. So fast in fact that the tracking boat could not keep up!

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Tom and Misha Could Be Set Free Within Weeks

Published 03/28/12

More Hisaronu dolphin project images
(Photograph by Jeff Foster)

Two bottlenose dolphins, Tom and Misha, who were dramatically rescued from the brink of death in September 2010 are now entering their final but crucial stages of rehabilitation. The dolphins are on schedule for release into the Aegean — and back to the wild — in late spring.

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Rescued Dolphins Show Signs of Infection

Published 08/24/11

Born Free's veterinary team examines Tom.
(Photo from Born Free Foundation)

Born Free Foundation and Underwater Research Society of Turkey (SAD) have, today, announced that further medical checks have taken place on the two bottlenose dolphins, Tom and Misha, rescued from a squalid pool in Hisarönü, Turkey, last year.

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Misha and Tom are Paid a Visit?

Published 07/05/11

More Hisaronu dolphin project images
(Photograph by Kemal Aydoga)

Born Free's dolphin rescue and rehabilitation recently spotted two wild dolphins within close vicinity of Misha and Tom’s rehabilitation sea pen.

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