Second Place:

Jaimie Partin

Title: Umbrella-la

Fur Free Fashion second place wiiner Kumari Hangma Limbu

Garment description:

I wanted to make a dress made of reusable resources rather than just buying fabric. I was inspired by the way umbrellas fan out, so I wanted to incorporate that look in my design with an edgy touch.

Types of materials:

is made almost completely out of reused black umbrellas. From the fabric to the wiring, I used it all. I backed the dress with muslin, while using the umbrella fabric on top and incorporating umbrella wires underneath with the under-slip.

Interests in fashion:

I am completely against using furs in fashion and as a designer I strive to use as many eco-friendly fabrics as possible. I love to create garments with reusable resources in creative ways. I also wish to pursue trying to use hemp as an alternative fabric.