Student and Green Award:

Ashley Cook

Title: Gibbie's Pinch

Fur Free Fashion Student and Green winner Ashley Cook

Garment Description:

Jacket incorporates a fresh slate of soft canvas against the body's curves while highlighting the beauty of nature with detailed knit flowers in contrast, intertwined along the collar.

Types of Materials:

Jacket shell is made of 100% cotton, lining is 100% silk, collar and sleeves are recycled from a sweater at a thrift store, flowers are constructed with a mix of different scrap yarns.

Interests in Fashion:

Constructing garments ethically is important in my designs while utilizing natural materials and sources that are harmless to the lives occupying this earth. Recycling fabrics and reconstructing garments over time with a creative twist is a fun and safe approach. Without the beauty of life and nature surrounding us, we would be neither inspired nor capable of making such fashions. Let us ethically drape the world!