Third Place & Student Award:

Kyle Ramirez

Title: Cotton Candy Dress

Prize: $250 cash, a gift bag from Urban Decay and recognition in E Magazine.

Garment Description:

My inspiration for this garment was the look of cotton candy. I wanted to create the illusion of something soft and weightless like fur and cotton candy. Of course I didn't want to actually use real fur, so I wanted to create the texture by using an abundance of ruffles. Also, I wanted the dress to look like it has flowers cascading onto the skirt for an illusion of sprinkles on a cake.

Types of Materials:

I used a light-blue antiqued satin fabric for the majority of the dress. To create the texture I used a lightweight knit fabric. For the flowers I used artificial flowers and beaded the centers with inexpensive pearl-like beads.

Interests in Fashion:

I love the enviroment and the life that it consists of. I believe that if the enviroment continues to disintegrate, then so will the life inside of it. I also feel passionate about technological advancements. To me, change in fashion represents our world's change. It does not have to be harmful to our planet; so I like to be eco-conscious about my designs.