Green Award:

Moe Donnelly

Title: Traveling Soiree dress and Bolero jacket

Garment Description:

Traveling Soiree dress paired with a bolero jacket and velvet arm-warmers. For these designs I wanted to create an aesthetic of Edwardian Era elegance transformed into something more practical and self sufficient. I envisioned my muse as an elegant, though outcasted, woman traveling solo across the rough and primitave terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Types of Materials:

The dress bodice was found as an unfinished women's blouse donated to a thrift store. I rearranged and changed elements and paired it with a cotton blend purchased at a local fabric store, lined with donated muslin and a recycled fleece. The bolero jacket was constructed from a men's suit coat--taken apart and reassembled using only elements from the original jacket. The arm-warmers were recycled from a velvet blazer, lined with sweater material from a thrifted sweater.

Interests in Fashion:

I enjoy working with eco fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton. When possible, I try to use antique, vintage, or thrifted fabrics to create one of a kind pieces. I am also working with a local cut-and-sew cooperative to produce a few designs from my Summer 2010 line. This local facility (Oppertunity Threads) provides jobs at a fair wage to members of the Morganton, NC community. It is worker owned, and very unique to western North Carolina.