Student Design Award:

Jose Eduardo Echegaray Juarez

Title: Dress Conscientiously

About the Designer:

Jose Eduardo Echegaray Juarez is a fashion design student at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "I am sending a message with this garment that we have options out there to create beautiful pieces without using or making animals suffer for fashion," says Jose.

Jose chose faux fur polyester fabric with 3 different animal prints to create the top portion of the dress and black nylon tule to create a shadow effect for the skirt which is also made of faux fur.


"Designer Jose Eduardo Echegaray Juarez is clearly in touch with his wild side — the bold, alternating leopard and zebra animal prints make the top of this dress pop, while the skirt is wistful, white and cloudlike, gathering in surprising places with just a hint of sheer black over top to complete the color scheme. Animal inspired — without animal products."
Britta Belli, fffashion judge