Second Place:

Becca Love

Title: Stop the Seal Hunt Gown

Prize $500 cash, recognition in E Magazine, and special gift from Urban Decay cosmetics.

About the Designer:

Becca Love is the designer behind the Healing Heart Designs which she started out of a strong passion to create change in the fashion industry and to provide fashionable options that promote animals welfare instead of a brand name.

"There are so many things wrong with mainstream fashion from violating human and animal rights, using too much land and energy to produce garments, and selling an unattainable image to young girls. I believe the worst possible thing to use animals for is our own vanity. Fur for fashion is the most unnecessary cruelty possible," says Rebecca.

All Healing Heart clothes are hand-made in Canada.

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"An avant 'guardian' statement. I can totally see Dita von Teese rocking this dress on the red carpet in the name of seal protection."
Summer Rayne Oaks, fffashion judge