First Place:

Zsuzsa Kovacs and Jessica Richard

Title: Coat Ginger

Prize $750 cash, design professionally modeled, photographed (shots shown below), and featured in an ad in E Magazine and special gift from Urban Decay cosmetics.

About the Designers:

Together Zsuzsa Kovacs and Jessica Richard created the Zsega line which is a high-end primarily women's clothing and accessory line. Zsuzsa and Jessica met while attending Vivienne Westwood's prestigious fashion course at the University of Art and Design in Berlin and share a design vision of Zsega that is "never compromising, always looking for the most unique fabrics and cuts." Being green is part of their progressive design vision. "Our society has gone green in every possible way and one of the most interesting eco-friendly movements can be found within the fashion industry," says Zsuzsa Kovacs.

An organic ready-to-wear line is in the works for Zsega and, of course, it will be fur free.

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"A beautifully-designed coat that drapes magnificently on the female form."
Summer Rayne Oakes, fffashion judge
"In her hooded coat, Zuszsa Kovacs has managed to be both dramatic and understated. From the color — a rich cream — to the soft folds, pleated shoulders and attached scarf — it's the ultimate feminine winter wear. But the full ballooning sleeves and over-sized, hide-inside hood make this cover-up a striking attention-grabber, too. Paired with a pencil skirt, fitted pants or even jeans, this is a coat that will add sophisticated style to any ensemble. And it would put any fur coat to shame."
Britta Belli, fffashion judge