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Circus Elephant Death List

From 1994 to 2005, at least 31 circus elephants have died premature deaths*.

Name Age Sex Date Cause of Death
Sue 40 F 12/05 Adverse reaction to tranquilizer administered during blood tests
Gildah 57 F 08/05 Unknown
Lota 54 F 02/05 Tuberculosis only 2 months and 23 days after finally being released to a sanctuary
Riccardo 8 months M 08/04 Euthanized after breaking both hind legs
Jennie 5 F 04/04 Herpes virus
Kenya 18 F 02/00 Intestinal problems
Conti 54 F 09/99 Kidney failure
Pete (Petunia) 49 F 08/99 Kidney failure
Benjamin 4 M 07/99 Drowning?
Kenya 13 F 04/98 Injury of questionable origin
Kenny 3 M 01/98 Gastrointestinal infection? Herpes virus?
Sneeze 27 F 12/97 Kidney failure
Heather 8 F 08/97 Incompetent animal husbandry
Ola 40 F 03/97 Died after foot surgery
Name Unknown ? F 1997 Herpes virus?
Name Unknown ? F 1997 Herpes virus?
Tunga 32 M 09/96 Unknown
Hattie 27 F 08/96 Tuberculosis
Joyce 47 F 08/96 Tuberculosis
Bandula 30 F 06/96 Euthanized after suffering 26 years with arthritis
Stoney 21 M 08/95 Complications from training injury
Mary 50+ F 04/95 “Collapsed and died”
Jockey 20 M 03/95 Shot to death
Rhonda 9 F 03/95 Burned to death
Mike ? M 03/95 Burned to death
Lois 24 F 01/95 “Foot infection spread through her body”
Sahib 20 M 01/95 Killed because he was “unmanageable”
Bombay 40+ F 1994 Unknown
Dumbo 43 F 12/94 Tuberculosis
Mona 26 F 10/94 Metabolic disease
Kay 50 F 10/94 Kidney ailment
Amy ? F 09/94 Unknown
Tyke 21 F 08/94 Shot to death
Siam ? M 07/94 “Euthanized”
Assam 24 M 06/94 “Died under sedation”


Most circus elephants are chained by at least two legs for 95% of their lives in a space no larger than an automobile. They are unchained only to perform. The natural behavior patterns of the elephant, which have evolved over thousands of years, are denied by this confined, chained, and dominated life. To disrupt and prevent the natural behavior of these intelligent, social creatures is not only inhumane and cruel, but stressful to the individual animal as well.

* Information regarding the deaths and injuries of captive elephants is difficult to obtain. This list is therefore probably incomplete.

List compiled by The Elephant Alliance; 6265 Cardeno Drive; La Jolla, CA 92037; 858-454-7989; and from other sources.

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