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The Status of Captive Wild Animals in the U.S.: An Overview of the Problem and the Laws

By Nicole Paquette
Source: Animal Law Institute Conference - Dallas, TX

VII. Local Laws

Many cities and counties have adopted ordinances more restrictive than state law. Typically, a local body will enact regulations in response to public safety and health concerns or community-based advocacy. Numerous local laws have been enacted in this manner, and they too can successfully address private possession, roadside zoos, and traveling shows and circuses.

Often times approaching the local level is the quickest and most direct route in helping protect captive wild animals. This is evidenced by the hundreds of cities and counties that have passed ordinance prohibiting private possession of exotic animals as “pets”24 and the 24 cities25 in the U.S. which prohibit animal circuses. To date there has not been an accurate account of local laws relating to roadside zoos and menageries.

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