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Non-Target Trapping Incidents

State: NM

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Location/Date Description Species
Feb 03, 2014
Las Cruces, NM
Two dogs were caught in separate traps. Hank, a lab mix, was lured to a trap... Dog
Jan 23, 2014
Los Alamos, NM
A dog being walked on a public trail was caught in a leg-hold trap. The guardians... Dog
Feb 07, 2013
Albuquerque, NM
A kitten was found with a foot-hold trap on its front paw. Investigators believe... Cat
Jan 26, 2008
Silver City, NM
A dog on his usual trail was caught in a leghold trap. The dog died quickly... Dog
Feb 17, 2007
Tularosa, NM
Pebbles's guardian and a friend were 5 miles from home off a BLM dirt road heading... Dog
Jan 24, 2006
Alto, NM
On a "very busy" trail designated by the Bureau of Land Management as a hiking/recreation... Dog
Dec 15, 2005
Silver City, NM
A local resident found the young adult bobcat on his 4-acre property, hiding... Other
Dec 14, 2005
Continental Divide, NM
The Tyrone Tramps, a local hiking club, was when one of the members' dogs was... Dog
Nov 17, 2005
Gila National Forest, NM
The woman was walking in the forest when her dog stepped into a trap; when she... Human
Nov 28, 2004
A woman walking her dog on BLM land witnessed the animal stepping into a leghold... Dog
Jul 27, 2004
Santa Fe, NM
A female coyote was found with a trap attached to her leg which was only hanging... Other
Jul 14, 2004
Grant County, NM
A dog was caught in a steel-jaw leghold trap set in the Burro Mountains while... Dog
Apr 16, 2004
Gila National Forest, NM
A dog was caught in a trap while visiting the forest with caretakers. Dog was... Dog
Apr 11, 2004
A dog stepped in leghold trap and was taken to the vet and treated for injuries... Dog
May 30, 2003
Burro Mountains, NM
Accompanied by her 2 dogs, a woman went riding her horse. One dog got caught... Dog
Sep 20, 1988
Gila National Forest, NM
In this national forest, the trap was placed on a trail near a campground where... Dog

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