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Non-Target Trapping Incidents

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Location/Date Description Species
Feb 21, 2014
Coeur d'Alane, ID
A dog out for a walk was caught in a leg-hold trap put on the dog guardian's... Dog
Feb 08, 2014
Cabinet Moutains, ID
A rare and secretive Canadian lynx was unintentionally caught in a trap. The... Other
Jan 28, 2014
Coeur d'Alene, ID
A family in Idaho says their dog was killed after it was caught in an unmarked... Dog
Jan 11, 2014
Coeur D'Alene, ID
A 4-year old black lab named Billi was killed after getting caught in a conibear... Dog
Dec 01, 2013
Howe, ID
A dog was caught in a leg-hold trap along his guardian's fenceline. Dog
Nov 24, 2012
Boise, ID
A dog was found with a mangled paw on the side of the street. Rescuers were... Dog
Jan 31, 2012
Salmon, ID
A Canada lynx was inadvertently caught in a foot-hold trap in the Salmon-Challis... Endangered Species
Jan 07, 2012
Boise, ID
Two women took their dogs for a walk off Bogus Basin when one of the dogs was... Dog
Nov 18, 2009
Boulder Mountains, ID
While a man was cutting firewood "earlier this month," he "heard the most bloodcurdling... Dog
Jul 03, 2006
Boise, ID
A woman found the cat caught in the trap inside the engine compartment of her... Cat
Nov 27, 2005
Weippe, ID
After Grizzly went missing, her caregivers searched for hours without success.... Dog
Dec 30, 2003
A male wolf with ear-tags was captured in a leghold trap set for coyotes. The... Other
Nov 03, 2003
Boise, ID
2 trappers freed a grey wolf they caught in a coyote trap, after the USDA Wildlife... Other
Aug 13, 2002
Stanley, ID
About 25 miles NW of Stanley, ID, near the River of No Return Wilderness —... Dog
Jan 23, 2001
Owyhees Trail, ID
Owyhees trail, caught seconds before above incident,in a different trap. Other
Jan 18, 2001
Owyhees Trail, ID
Feb 01, 1973
Killum Point, ID
On a trail blasted out of a cliff high above the Salmon River, the writer, Mike,... Dog

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