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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: May 10, 2008
Location: Topeka, Kansas

Species: Cat
Trap Type: Kill
Incident Date: Aug 01, 2007

Victim's Disposition: dead
Victim's Name: Peanut

Legal Action: Yes
Result: wildlife control officer fined $393 for animal cruelty

Summary: Peanut was caught in a trap meant for skunks. Although the backyard was surrounded by a 6-foot fence, Peanut managed to get in and was caught by the unbaited trap. The nuisance wildlife control operator (NWCO) hired to remove the skunks was convicted of animal cruelty and order to pay a fine of $393. The NWCO initially apologized for the accidental killing to Peanut's caregivers, and returned Peanut's remains to them. The NWCO later wrote, "I was mailed a ticket from the city of Topeka. The city's position is that since I intended to kill the skunk, the death of Peanut was intentional as well."

Source: Topeka Capitol Journal

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