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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Feb 08, 2008
Location: Bend, Oregon

Species: Dog
Trap Type: Leghold
Incident Date: Feb 08, 2008

Victim's Disposition: injured
Victim's Name: Kona

Legal Action: unknown
Result: n/a

Summary: Kona's caregiver writes, "Leaving the truck just off China Hat Road, we walked up a side road along a low ridge. Not more than 10 minutes from the truck, I heard my Airedale vocalize, followed by several coyote howls. I whistled to bring the dog back to me, but she didn't come in like she usually does when coyotes are around. I kept walking and whistling, and in a few minutes circled back to the area I had heard her call from. She was sitting under a small tree with her right front paw caught in a leg hold trap. As I got up to her, I could see the area was trampled, blood-stained and littered with bird feathers." It took him several minutes to get the trap on Kona's toes, and three vet visits have so far cost $485. Not only was the trap perfectly legal, but if Kona's caregiver had damaged the trap in anyway, he would have broken the law. Nor is the trapper liable for vet bills for Kona's injuries. The incident changed the man's opinion about leghold traps.

Source: The Bend Bulletin

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