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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Jan 16, 2009
Location: Malcolm, Nebraska

Species: Human
Trap Type: Kill
Incident Date: Dec 26, 2008

Victim's Disposition: unknown
Victim's Name: unknown

Legal Action: Yes
Result: Ban on trapping wildlife in county road rights of way

Summary: A bill before the Nebraska state legislature earned a uniquely qualified witness when a Lancaster County Commissioner stepped into a Conibear trap placed in a ditch near his farm. He was wearing good boots and wasn't seriously hurt. But the trap was large enough to catch a coyote or a beaver — even a farmer — and the commissioner couldn't open it with his hands. So he hobbled to his truck for a crowbar. He reported the incident to the state Game and Parks Commission. The trap's owner could not be traced because the trap did not have an ID number. The commissioner, of course, testified against the bill, which sought to eliminate restrictions and penalties for trapping wildlife in county road rights-of-way. (The ban went into effect on 05/05/09: Lincoln Journal Star, 05/05/09)

Source: Lincoln Journal Star

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