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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Mar 15, 2009
Location: Unincorporated county, New Hampshire

Species: Dog
Trap Type: Kill
Incident Date: unknown

Victim's Disposition: dead
Victim's Name: Rosie

Legal Action: unknown
Result: n/a

Summary: A couple of kids were hiking with their dog near the Metacomet Trail when the dog went close to the water, stuck her nose in a box to smell it, and got caught in a Conibear trap. Other traps nearby were just lying in the water. The 17-year-old boy managed to get Rosie out of the trap with the help of a cousin to pull the trap apart, but it was too late. The incident was reported to Fish & Game. In the past the same trapper has killed beavers and blue heron, and all local wildlife is gone; Rosie's caregiver complained last year but got nowhere. It is not yet known if the trap owner was in violation of local permits.

Source: Born Free USA incident report form

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