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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Mar 17, 2005
Location: Fair Grove, Missouri

Species: Dog
Trap Type: Leghold
Incident Date: Mar 04, 2005

Victim's Disposition: injured
Victim's Name: Sam

Legal Action: unknown
Result: n/a

Summary: A 78-year-old man was charged with felony animal abuse after baiting a steel trap with a dead cow to catch a neighbor's dog. The dog was released by his caregiver and taken to the vet to have his broken leg set in cast. The man who set the trap said that he had pulled a dead cow to the back side of his property and dumped it next to his fence line. He tied some traps on the cow. He said the people who live in the trailer park, near the backside of his land, let their dogs roam free, he believed one of the dogs from the trailer park killed his cow. The man said it did not matter because he had the right to kill any dog he finds on his property. He said he knew the dead cow would cause the dogs to come onto his property. He wanted to trap all of the dogs running loose, and then he would kill them. He also said the sheriff's department doesn't scare him, and he will continue to kill any dogs he finds on his property.

Source: Webster County Citizen

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