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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Oct 23, 2005
Location: Center Township, Pennsylvania

Species: Dog
Trap Type: Kill
Incident Date: unknown

Victim's Disposition: dead
Victim's Name: Lizzy

Legal Action: unknown
Result: n/a

Summary: While walking with caregiver and another dog 20 feet off a trail and on private propery, Lizzy went to sniff something at a den hole. Her head was immediately caught in the trap. In spite of valiant effors, she died in the man's arms. He carried her home and cut the trap in order to remove it. While returning the trap with a note attached with contact info, he encountered the trap owner, who became very beligerant and said: "I don't give a f--- about your dog." Lizzy's caregivers believe the trap was set illegally by a den hole, untagged and an illegal trap by PA game commission regs.

Source: Born Free USA incident report form

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