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Nontarget Trapping Incident Report

Reported: Jul 03, 2006
Location: Boise, Idaho

Species: Cat
Trap Type: Leghold
Incident Date: Jul 03, 2006

Victim's Disposition: injured
Victim's Name: unknown

Legal Action: Yes
Result: investigation, and reward for conviction offered

Summary: A woman found the cat caught in the trap inside the engine compartment of her car while parked at a local Albertson's supermarket. It's unknown whether the cat made the trip with her or whether he crawled inside the compartment while she was at the store. She called animal control, and an officer came to rescue the injured feline. "The trap itself crushed all of the bones in the cat's leg and have probably done permanent nerve damage. These traps are extremely strong and on a small leg of a cat, they do immeasurable damage," said a spokeswoman with the Idaho Humane Society. Humane Society officials say if his broken leg worsens, they may have to amputate it. Authorities have offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who set the illegal steel leghold trap. They are also looking for the cat's owner.

Source: Fox12Idaho.com

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