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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: VA

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Location/Date Description Species
Oct 21, 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
A 25-year-old woman was found dead in her home by her husband. The medical examiner's... Reptile
Jul 10, 2008
Fairfax, VA
Police found 17 exotic snakes, 12 of them venomous, inside a room at the Hy-Way... Reptile
Jul 04, 2008
Richmond, VA
A "pet" monkey bit a teenaged girl at Dogwood Dell in Byrd Park. The Health... Primate
Jun 13, 2008
Saltville, VA
A local man accidently ran over an alligator that was in the middle of Highway... Reptile
Jun 13, 2008
Spartanburg, VA
Spunky, a Rhesus monkey running loose in the yard of a couple's home, was recaptured... Primate
Mar 24, 2008
Snowflake, VA
A Scott County chiropractor was given 60 days to place the exotic animals in... Primate
Big Cat
Jul 14, 2007
Norfolk, VA
A 1-year-old red panda, Yin, escaped from her enclosure at the Virginia Zoo... Bear
Jun 21, 2007
Norfolk, VA
The Virginia Zoo’s new 1-year-old red panda, Yin, climbed over the fence and... Bear
May 04, 2007
Stafford, VA
Police were alerted to the discovery of a 3-ft-long American Allligator lying... Reptile
Mar 13, 2007
Chesterfield County, VA
Dominique, a 4-year-old rhino at the Metro Richmond Zoo, caught a keeper with... Other
Jul 02, 2006
Roanoke, VA
A Japanese macaque named Oops escaped from Mill Mountain Zoo, having let herself... Primate
Feb 10, 2006
Richmond, VA
Maymont's only two black bears are euthanized after one bear bites a Richmond... Bear
Apr 07, 2004
Rose Hill, VA
A snake-handling pastor died in his home after being bitten on the finger by... Reptile
Nov 28, 2003
Natural Bridge, VA
Two 6-year-old Asiatic bears escaped from a pen at the Natural Bridge Zoo when... Bear
Sep 16, 2003
Manassas, VA
An escaped South African caracal cat was recaptured by an Animal Control officer... Small Cat
Aug 23, 2002
Norfolk, VA
A handler with Sterling and Reid Circus faces animal cruelty charges after being... Elephant
Jan 11, 2002
James City, VA
A "pet" Arizona desert king snake escaped its enclosure and was still roaming... Reptile
Oct 16, 2001
Newport News, VA
A 6-ft-long python was found outside a woman’s home. The snake apparently... Reptile
Oct 03, 2001
Alexandria, VA
A python was found slithering on a sidewalk. Reptile
Aug 31, 2001
Arlington, VA
A "pet" 7-ft-long boa constrictor escaped from its cage and was later recaptured. Reptile

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