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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: OR

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Location/Date Description Species
Jun 26, 2014
Salem, OR
Deputies were called to a home where the residents reported their 10-foot boa... Reptile
May 30, 2014
Portland, OR
Six cotton-top tamarin monkeys died suddenly of unknown causes a couple of days... Primate
May 28, 2014
Portland, OR
Documents released show multiple "sloppy" mistakes preceded the January death... Primate
Mar 21, 2014
Azalea, OR
Eight people were arrested and guns, drugs, stolen property, and an allegator... Reptile
Sep 26, 2013
Portland, OR
One of the Oregon Zoo's three lion cubs is being cared for at the veterinary... Big Cat
Jul 03, 2013
Forest Grove, OR
A 4-foot long corn shake was found inside the engine compartment of a pickup... undefined
Apr 03, 2013
Albany, OR
A ball python and a chihuahua were taken from a home in retaliation by a former... Reptile
Feb 21, 2013
Portland, OR
Ammon Covino, the co-owner of the Portland Aquarium and president of the ID... Marine
Oct 16, 2012
Portland, OR
A large 4-foot long boa constrictor was found slithering around a northeast... Reptile
May 30, 2012
Portland, OR
A 3-foot long snake (species unknown), brown with tan markings, was found in... Reptile
Oct 20, 2011
Gresham, OR
Gresham police received a report of a reptile in the pond at Birdsdale Industrial... Reptile
Aug 07, 2011
Rainier, OR
An anteater escaped from a private breeder and was found by a man, on the side... Other
Aug 03, 2011
Portland, OR
116 exotic bids were seized by officals from an exotic bird breeder. The owner... Other
Jun 01, 2009
Tigard, OR
A 10-year-old bobcat who had escaped her possessor temporarily was located about... Small Cat
May 17, 2009
St. Helens, OR
A local resident reported her 3-ft-long alligator missing from her residence. Reptile
Apr 18, 2009
Salem, OR
A 6-year-old girl suffered two puncture wounds just below her left eye when... Primate
Mar 08, 2009
Winston, OR
A 23-year-old female employee of Wildlife Safari remained in serious condition... Bear
Sep 09, 2008
Grants Pass, OR
An Oregon man playing with his toddler son in his yard captured a 6-ft-long... Reptile
Aug 04, 2008
Springfield, OR
A man stepped out on his porch to grab the newspaper only to find a 3-1/2-ft-long... Reptile
Apr 08, 2007
Otis , OR
A monkey, weighing 15-20 lbs, escaped from his cage and ran around trying to... Primate

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