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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: OH

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Location/Date Description Species
Feb 25, 2008
Dayton, OH
Dayton Police and U.S. Marshals found two alligators in a Norvell Court house... Reptile
Feb 10, 2008
Findlay, OH
A 4-ft-long iguana named Godzilla escaped from her possessor's home when someone... Reptile
Nov 30, 2007
Piketon, OH
A lion escaped from his possessor's cage and was spotted along U.S. 23 by motorists... Big Cat
Nov 19, 2007
Wakefield, OH
Motorists along US 23 were surprised to see a lion chasing cars. Deputies reported... Big Cat
Nov 10, 2007
Fremont, OH
A woman purchased a monkey from the Mt. Hope Animal Auction but later wanted... Primate
Jul 20, 2007
Magnolia, OH
Two sisters who reported that someone had killed their two bear cubs became... Bear
Big Cat
Jul 17, 2007
Magnolia, OH
Two bear cubs were found dead and their possessors believed someone may have... Bear
Jun 20, 2007
Jackson, OH
A 10-ft-long python and Madagascar hissing cockroaches were found barely alive... Reptile
Apr 03, 2007
Toledo, OH
A 21-month-old male impala was found dead in a transport crate at the Toledo... Other
Dec 02, 2006
Uhrichsville, OH
A 5-year-old boy was bitten by Boo-Boo, a 6-year-old bear at Patterson Wildlife... Bear
Dec 01, 2006
Lucas County, OH
A 130-lb wolf on the loose in the county was successfully tranquilized and recaptured... Other
Oct 28, 2006
Liberty Township, OH
A man who bought a monkey over the Internet from a woman in Idaho was bitten... Primate
Oct 16, 2006
Copley Township, OH
A USDA veterinarian was attacked by a tiger during a follow-up inspection of... Big Cat
Jul 11, 2006
Hanover, OH
A woman shot and killed two of her neighbor’s wolves and a sheriff killed... Other
May 26, 2006
Ashtabula County, OH
A woman was mauled by a 500-lb bear in her home. The bear escaped from its pen... Bear
May 18, 2006
Copley, OH
A bear cub was killed in a fire at an exotic animal farm. Officials said there... Bear
Apr 29, 2006
Toledo, OH
A 2-1/2-year-old male bongo antelope died at the Toledo Zoo just one day after... Other
Apr 15, 2006
Toledo, OH
A female rhinoceros hornbill died at the Toledo Zoo from what officials believed... Other
Feb 03, 2006
Columbus, OH
A zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo lost her fingertip when Toby, an adult male... Primate
Sep 16, 2005
Clark County, OH
A kangaroo was spotted on the loose. Other

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