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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: OH

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Location/Date Description Species
May 06, 2014
Eaton, OH
A 5-year old boy was bitten in the arm and face by a wolf hybrid kept as a pet. Other
Jan 16, 2014
Vermilion, OH
An employee at an Ohio Car dealership was bitten by a customer's pet spider... Primate
Oct 17, 2013
Strongsville, OH
A resident found a 4-foot ball python in his garage. It is unclear where the... Reptile
Oct 15, 2013
Struthers, OH
A couple was arrested after more than 100 snakes, along with a Gila monster,... Reptile
Sep 08, 2013
Fairfield Beach, OH
A 400-pound lion was found wandering a central Ohio neighborhood. Someone apparently... Big Cat
Jun 26, 2013
Athens County, OH
A resident at a mobile home park turned a 4-foot python loose intending to kill... Reptile
Jun 24, 2013
South Toledo, OH
A 4.5-foot Albino Burmese Python has gone missing from its home. The snake has... Reptile
Jun 05, 2013
Dayton, OH
A 7-foot alligator has been confiscated and its owner faces animal cruelty charges... Reptile
May 18, 2013
Neville, OH
A state wildlife officer fatally shot a monkey in the village of Neville after... Primate
Oct 29, 2012
Unknown, OH
An 8-foot python was discovered in an Ohio field by a local farmer while plowing.... Reptile
Aug 07, 2012
Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Animal Control was called out to a residental backyard for the report... Reptile
Jul 16, 2012
Martins Ferry, OH
A live and rare 2-foot butter-colored corn snake seemingly "fell out of the... Reptile
Jul 06, 2012
Warren, OH
A snake escaped its enclosure in an apartment and could not be found. Reptile
Jun 27, 2012
Pataskala, OH
A caseworker visiting the home of Evelyn Shaw, who was working to adopt her... Big Cat
May 23, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Police made an unexpected discovery when they served a search warrant. In addition... Reptile
Apr 29, 2012
Huron Township, OH
Ohio authorities used a tranquilizer gun to subdue an African eland antelope... Other
Mar 05, 2012
Niles, OH
A woman took her pet monkey into a pet supply store where it bit a clerk. The... Primate
Jan 30, 2012
Columbus, OH
A spotted leopard that was one of the six survivors from the Zanesville massacre... Big Cat
Dec 08, 2011
Perry Township, OH
A large feline was sighted by several people in a small Eastern Ohio town. It... Big Cat
Oct 19, 2011
Zanesville, OH
An owner of a large number of exotic animals, many of them dangerous, apparently... Primate
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