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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: NV

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Location/Date Description Species
Oct 01, 2004
Las Vegas, NV
A serval escaped from home and was subsequently recaptured by Animal Control. Small Cat
Oct 01, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
During a magic show at the Mirage Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, Roy Horn of Siegfried... Big Cat
May 07, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
Wayne Newton’s “pet” wallaby escaped from her home and led police and... Other
Oct 17, 2002
Las Vegas, NV
Two tiger cubs were loose on a neighbor’s roof. They were subsequently recaptured. Big Cat
Feb 11, 2002
Pahrump, NV
Animal exhibitor Karl Mitchell shot and killed one of his tigers after the animal... Big Cat
Mar 25, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
Jagger, a Bengal tiger working with Wildlife Safari, killed his trainer and... Big Cat
Jan 11, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
A "pet" cougar escaped from his home and was found on top of a school bus. No... Big Cat
May 22, 1998
Carson City, NV
A 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl were severely bitten by their grandfather’s... Other
Oct 09, 1996
Las Vegas, NV
Bonnie, an 8-year-old Bengal tiger at Keepers of the Wild, mauled her trainer... Big Cat
Sep 14, 1993
Pahrump, NV
A man suffered severe injuries after being bitten on his right arm by a Bengal... Big Cat
May 06, 1993
Las Vegas, NV
A lion attacked a Circus Vargas employee who was feeding a group of three lions... Big Cat
Nov 30, 1992
Pahrump, NV
A tiger attacked a Circus Vargas trainer, causing severe injuries. Big Cat
Sep 27, 1992
Reno, NV
Illusionist Johnathan Pendragon is mauled by a tiger during a performance at... Big Cat
Dec 01, 1991
Reno, NV
A tiger bit the arm and leg of illusionist Johnathan Pendragon during a performance... Big Cat

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