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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: MS

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Results 1 - 16 of 16 total

Location/Date Description Species
Apr 09, 2013
Tupelo, MS
A Ringling Brothers elephant, Carol, was shot in the shoulder in a drive-by.... Elephant
Oct 16, 2012
Bay St. Louis, MS
A truck carrying four elephants for Cole Brothers Circus of the Stars ran off... Elephant
Sep 18, 2012
Madison, MS
A 7-foot pet Colombian Red Tail constrictor named "Puppy" escaped from his cage... Reptile
Nov 18, 2008
Jackson, MS
Stray dogs entered the Jackson Zoo and killed two 6-month-old Dama gazelles... Other
Nov 06, 2007
Columbia, MS
Local health officials may have identified the possessor of a "pet" monkey that... Primate
Oct 22, 2007
Eldon, MS
A police officer turned wrangler after he was called to retrieve a 3-ft-long... Reptile
Sep 28, 2007
Columbia, MS
A rhesus macque that bit two children on 09/23/07 remained at large while authorities... Primate
Aug 02, 2007
Tupelo, MS
A missing monkey who escaped from the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo received coverage... Primate
Jul 22, 2007
Jackson, MS
A Japanese snow macaque named Justin, seized by Rankin County Sheriff's authorites... Primate
Feb 15, 2007
West Branson, MS
Two wolves, including a pregnant female, escaped from Predator World. Other
Oct 24, 2005
Pontotoc, MS
A kinkajou escaped and attacked an 82-year-old woman. The woman was sweeping... Other
Sep 11, 2005
Boone County, MS
A wallaby was found dead after being hit by a car on a rural road. The wallaby... Other
Aug 31, 2004
Bat St. Louis, MS
A 17-ft-long Burmese python escaped from his enclosure and was loose for four... Reptile
Sep 01, 2002
Pascagoula, MS
A man suffered four bites to his arm by his "pet" rattlesnake and was rushed... Reptile
Jun 10, 2001
Ridgeland, MS
A 1-year-old “pet” vervet (African green monkey) bit and scratched a child.... Primate
Apr 04, 1994
Jackson, MS
A cheetah at the Jackson Zoo scaled the fence and pounced on an 8-year-old boy.... Big Cat

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