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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: MO

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Location/Date Description Species
Jul 04, 2008
Columbia, MO
A "pet" Japanese snow monkey got loose and bit a woman who was visiting the... Primate
May 21, 2008
Neosho, MO
A sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 50-lb cat after a neighbor called to say... Big Cat
Apr 07, 2008
Carthage, MO
Police responding a call concerning a resident's self-inflicted gunshot wound... Reptile
Dec 01, 2007
Springfield, MO
A 16-month old elephant, Nisha, died early in the morning at the Dickerson Park... Elephant
Nov 20, 2007
St. Louis, MO
Zuri, a 1-year-old cheetah, escaped from her exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo. A... Big Cat
Jun 18, 2007
St. Charles, MO
Toby, a 38-year-old "pet" primate, escaped from her possessor's home. County... Primate
Mar 14, 2007
St. Louis, MO
After suffering from arthritis for many years, Clara, a 54-year-old Asian elephant... Elephant
Jun 15, 2006
St. Louis, MO
A crocodile monitor escaped his cage and roamed the streets. Reptile
Jun 06, 2006
Sikeston, MO
A boy was attacked by a "pet" vervet monkey living in the neighborhood. Primate
Mar 01, 2006
Warrenton, MO
Sandra and Kenneth Smith, owners of Wesa-A-Geh-Ya animal facility, settled with... Big Cat
Dec 25, 2005
St. Louis, MO
A man was bitten by his cobra as he was trying to feed the animal. Reptile
Jun 16, 2005
Alton, MO
Two “pet” snow monkeys escaped from their home and were later recaptured.... Primate
Apr 09, 2005
St. Joseph, MO
A young girl was bitten by a 5-ft-long python during an educational presentation... Reptile
Oct 31, 2004
Fordland, MO
A former circus elephant pushed through a fence to escape from a farm and was... Elephant
Feb 05, 2004
St. Louis, MO
A 200-pound bear attacked a St. Louis Zoo employee during a routine transfer... undefined
Aug 14, 2003
St. Louis, MO
Hallah, a female cheetah at the St. Louis Zoo, used vines to climb halfway up... Big Cat
May 01, 2003
St. Louis, MO
(May through July, 2003) Gentoo penguins regularly escaped by launching themselves... Other
Oct 15, 2001
Johnson County, MO
A "pet" monkey escaped and was on the loose. Primate
Aug 03, 2001
Hannibal, MO
A "pet" iguana, Elvis, escaped from his backyard after he was let out to sunbathe.... Reptile
Jul 03, 2001
Hannibal, MO
A "pet" iguana escaped through a dryer vent and roamed through the neighborhood. Reptile

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