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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: MN

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Location/Date Description Species
Dec 02, 2013
Duluth, MN
A zoo-keeper was bitten by a tiger at the Lake Superior Zoo when the food slipped... Big Cat
Aug 22, 2013
Stillwater, MN
A resident found a five-foot long boa constrictor on his backyard deck. Staff... Reptile
Mar 12, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
Firefighters found three ball pythons crawling around a home after being called... Reptile
Sep 01, 2012
Chaska, MN
A man rescued a 4-foot boa constrictor after finding it along a road. The man... Reptile
Jun 22, 2012
Duluth, MN
A polar bear and two seals escaped their enclosure due to the heavy rains flooding... Marine
Mar 23, 2012
Coon Rapids, MN
A man was found with several species of pythons and boa restrictors, which are... Reptile
Feb 06, 2012
Apple Valley, MN
Taijah, a dolphin calf, died suddenly of an "acute illnes." An ultrasound showed... Marine
Jan 18, 2012
Clay County, MN
32 Ball Pythons were found dead in a storage unit. It is believed the snakes... Reptile
Aug 18, 2011
St. Paul, MN
A 3-foot long snake got loose in a man's car and was found a week later wound... Reptile
Jul 06, 2011
Elk River, MN
A 9-year old girl was bitten by a monkey at Wapiti Park Campground in Elk River.... Primate
Jun 08, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
An 8 year old Mexican gray wolf escaped briefly from its exhibit at the Minnesota... Other
May 18, 2010
St. Paul, MN
Father lifts his 2-yr-old son over a railing near a wire mesh fence surrounding... Big Cat
Oct 21, 2008
Shakopee, MN
Local owners of a corn maze fielded complaints from unhappy animal lovers about... Big Cat
Feb 24, 2008
Sandstone, MN
In a follow-up to the story (see 3/29/06) involving a woman who possessed big... Big Cat
Aug 07, 2007
Minneapolis, MN
Animal Control officials removed nearly 40 animals, many neglected, including... Reptile
Jun 26, 2007
Duluth, MN
Four rare white tiger cubs died at the Zoo Dynamics facility. The tiger cubs'... Big Cat
May 29, 2007
Blaine, MN
A kinkajou escaped from its possessor's shed and was found curled up on a resident's... Other
Aug 02, 2006
Apple Valley, MN
A 9-year-old girl was bitten when she ignored warning signs, climbed over a... Other
Mar 29, 2006
Duxbury, MN
A 500-lb Bengal tiger attacked and killed a 52-year-old woman on her property,... Big Cat
Feb 01, 2006
Willmar, MN
A cougar was captured while roaming a neighborhood close to an elementary school. Big Cat

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