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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: MI

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Location/Date Description Species
May 31, 2007
Bay County, MI
Wallets, an escaped 4-l/2-ft-long "pet" alligator, was found by his possessor... Reptile
Nov 02, 2006
Hillsdale County, MI
Residents reported seeing a large black "panther"-like cat near their homes... Big Cat
Oct 16, 2006
Monroe, MI
A "pet" wallaby or kangaroo escaped from his home and was subsequently found... Other
Aug 08, 2006
Lyon Township, MI
A man discovered an African rock python in the middle of a street. It was presumed... Reptile
Jun 05, 2006
Ludington, MI
Animal Control officers found an alligator in a park and captured him. The officers... Reptile
Feb 05, 2006
Temperance, MI
More than four dozen exotic and native animals perished overnight in a barn... Other
Aug 01, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
A 3-1/2-ft-long alligator was found abandoned nearby a veterinary hospital.... Reptile
Mar 06, 2005
Sterling Heights, MI
A big cat spotted on the loose. Big Cat
Jan 11, 2005
Fenton, MI
A woman was treated for a potentially serious hand wound after being bitten... Reptile
Sep 28, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
A horse with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus was killed shortly after... Other
Sep 19, 2004
Sumpter Township, MI
A resident reported that he came face-to-face with a cougar near his home. Animal... Big Cat
Jul 06, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
An iguana escaped from his cage and crawled out of a window in his possessor’s... Reptile
Jul 04, 2004
Macomb County, MI
A long-tailed macaque was found scampering through a neighborhood backyard. Primate
Jan 03, 2004
Battle Creek, MI
Three Mexican gray wolves escaped from their exhibit at the Binder Park Zoo... Other
Aug 30, 2003
Van Buren Township, MI
A cougar was spotted roaming a wooded area in the township. The cat was suspected... Big Cat
Jun 30, 2003
A total of 81 cases of monkeypox in humans were being investigated in 6 states... Other
Nov 25, 2002
Niles Township, MI
Three “pet” emus escaped from their home. One was recaptured but the other... Other
Sep 28, 2002
Ravenna, MI
A 3-month-old child was attacked in her crib by her family’s “pet” raccoon.... Other
Mar 13, 2002
Holland Township, MI
A woman reported that she saw a cougar roaming a neighborhood. It was suspected... Big Cat
Jul 01, 2001
Shelby Township, MI
A 3-ft-long alligator was discovered in a retention pond across the street from... Reptile

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