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Exotic Animal Incidents

State: AR

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Location/Date Description Species
Dec 29, 2013
Little Rock, AR
A 13-year old giraffe named Jigsaw died when he aspirated after being attacked... Other
Jun 20, 2013
Conway, AR
A monkey briefly escaped from teh Chestnut Animal Clinic where it was being... Primate
May 13, 2013
Elm Springs, AR
A mountain lion was confiscated from a home. The owners brought the mountain... Big Cat
May 08, 2013
Elm Springs, AR
A volunteer for the Arkansas Wildlife Rehabilitators had her mountain lion confiscated... Big Cat
Dec 20, 2010
Fayetteville, AR
A man, Jason Wiles, was sent to the hospital after an being bit by his pet green... Reptile
Apr 08, 2009
Little Rock, AR
A Little Rock Zoo veterinarian euthanized a female zebra that crashed into a... Other
Jan 16, 2007
Little Rock, AR
Judy, a chimpanzee at the Little Rock Zoo, escaped from her enclosure into a... Primate
Jan 07, 2005
Eureka Springs, AR
A man released his “pet” tiger near the town of Erbie along the Buffalo... Big Cat
Nov 13, 2004
Gentry, AR
A Bengal tiger pulled the flesh off the right middle finger of a woman visiting... Big Cat
Jun 01, 2004
Jonesboro, AR
An escaped 6-ft-long Burmese “pet” python was found slithering through the... Reptile
Jun 18, 2003
Crossett, AR
A firefighter at the Crossett Zoo was bitten on his right hand by Tigger the... Big Cat
Sep 20, 2002
Quitman, AR
Four lions were shot and killed after they were found roaming near a town. It... Big Cat
Jul 29, 2002
Mountain Home, AR
A man found a 7-ft-long python in his driveway. The snake was suffering from... Reptile
Jul 17, 2002
Jonesboro, AR
A neighbor found and killed an escaped 8-ft-long python snake in his backyard. Reptile
Jan 17, 2002
Gentry, AR
Two animal handlers at Wild Wilderness Drive Thru Safari were attacked while... Big Cat
Jul 20, 2000
Little River County, AR
A large snake terrorized the town of Wallace. It was suspected that the snake... Reptile
Mar 27, 2000
Murphy, AR
The former director of the Little Rock Zoo, David Westbrook, was bitten by his... Reptile
Aug 11, 1997
Little Rock, AR
A grizzly bear at the Little Rock Zoo escaped her pen and rummaged through garbage... Bear
May 27, 1997
Little Rock, AR
Two gorillas at the Little Rock Zoo escaped from their cage during the night... Primate
Apr 17, 1993
Little Rock, AR
A Siberian tiger with Jordan Brothers Circus escaped into the stands during... Big Cat

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