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Exotic Animal Incidents

Species: Reptile

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Location/Date Description Species
Aug 12, 2013
Atchison County, KS
A pet alligator was found in a county lake. The guardian claims it was stolen... Reptile
Aug 09, 2013
Lothian, MD
A 6-foot long boa constrictor was spotted in a residential area. Animal control... Reptile
Aug 05, 2013
Salt Lake City, UT
Firefighters putting out a fire at a residence discovered 28 snakes - six of... Reptile
Jul 20, 2013
Hanover, NH
A 3-foot ball python was reported missing from a Dartmouth College fraternity... Reptile
Jul 16, 2013
Chippewa Falls, WI
A man contacted the Chippewa County Dispatch Center to report that his 7-foot... Reptile
Jul 13, 2013
Allegany County, MI
Animal control was called after a homeowner found a red-tailed boa constrictor... Reptile
Jul 12, 2013
Salem, MA
A woman called police to report that her boyfriend's pet snake had escaped its... Reptile
Jul 02, 2013
Cambridge, MA
A 3-foot boa constrictor was found on her porch, wedged between the tracks of... Reptile
Jun 26, 2013
Penn Township, PA
An alligator was found wandering and was captured by responding police. Reptile
Jun 26, 2013
Athens County, OH
A resident at a mobile home park turned a 4-foot python loose intending to kill... Reptile
Jun 24, 2013
South Toledo, OH
A 4.5-foot Albino Burmese Python has gone missing from its home. The snake has... Reptile
Jun 24, 2013
Chesterfield County, VA
A man caught a 9-foot albino python that was headed down a drain and took the... Reptile
Jun 19, 2013
Tyler, TX
A 63-year old eco-tourism guide pleaded guilty to smuggling live snakes into... Reptile
Jun 19, 2013
Holland, MI
A 5-foot python escaped while the owner was cleaning out it's tank. It was... Reptile
Jun 13, 2013
New York, NY
A dead boa constrictor was found in a trash bin in NY City. It appeared that... Reptile
Jun 12, 2013
Philadelphia, PA
A passerby called authorities after discovering an alligtor emerging from a... Reptile
Jun 08, 2013
Janesville, WI
A man broke into a home, smashed a television, tore up a pool table, destroyed... Reptile
Jun 05, 2013
Dayton, OH
A 7-foot alligator has been confiscated and its owner faces animal cruelty charges... Reptile
Jun 04, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
A 4-foot python that disappeared from a Grand Rapids' familys car while they... Reptile
May 23, 2013
Holiday, FL
Sheriff's deputies found dogs, cats, rabbits, a snake and a lizard abandoned... Reptile

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