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Exotic Animal Incidents

Facility Type: Non-accredited Zoo

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Location/Date Description Species
Oct 12, 2011
Jackson Township, PA
An employee at a Pennsylvania animal park suffered a severe arm injury after... Big Cat
Sep 23, 2011
Sarasota, FL
A spinner dolphin that was rescued and residing at the Mote Marine Laboratory... Marine
Aug 18, 2011
Colfax, IL
An emu escaped from its enclosure at the Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue... Other
Aug 07, 2011
Rainier, OR
An anteater escaped from a private breeder and was found by a man, on the side... Other
Jul 17, 2011
Manchester, IA
The owner of an Iowa zoo is expected to recover from injuries suffered during... Big Cat
Jul 07, 2011
Quitman, TX
A snake breeder from Oakdale who was on the lam for seven months is expected... Reptile
Jun 25, 2011
Baltimore, MD
A second dolphin calf died at the National Aquarium, less than a week after... Marine
Jun 23, 2011
Lafayette, LA
University of Louisianna Lafayette's New Iberia Research Center violated a Federal... Primate
Jun 21, 2011
Baltimore, MD
One of two baby bottlenose dolphins born at the National Aquarium in April was... Marine
Jun 20, 2011
Hernando, FL
17 alligators escaped from a farm by digging under a fence. Nine were later... Reptile
Jun 15, 2011
Lawrenceville, GA
The Yerkes National Primate Research Center is searching for a missing 2-year... Primate
Jun 10, 2011
Valparaiso, IN
An alligator bit a 7-year old boy at a theme park in Norhtwest Indiana after... Reptile
Feb 02, 2011
Houston, TX
The Houston SPCA seized ore than 300 domestic and exotic aimals from a ranch... Primate
Big Cat
Jan 13, 2011
San Simeon, CA
Three zebras from Hearst Ranch escape and wander onto nearby property and are... Other
Oct 22, 2010
Rock Springs, WI
A 7-year old Siberian tiger grabbed and pulled the arm of a 38-year old volunteer... Big Cat
Oct 11, 2010
Idaville, IN
Two tigers escaped their pens from Great Cats of Indiana and roamed the compound... Big Cat
Sep 07, 2010
San Antonio, TX
Three spider monkeys escaped from the Primarily Primates sanctuary after a strong... Primate
Sep 01, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
A captive lion attacks one of its trainers at MGM Grand Hotel while being on... Big Cat
Aug 28, 2010
Miami, FL
A 500-pound Bengal tiger escaped from his pen excited by another escapee, a... Primate
Big Cat
Jul 30, 2010
Mulberry Grove, IL
A helper walking by the bear enclosure while holding feed scoop used to feed... Bear

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