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Exotic Animal Incidents

Facility Type: Circus

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Location/Date Description Species
Aug 31, 2005
Springdale, OH
Dillion, a Capuchin monkey with the Hendricks Bros. Circus, leaped from his... Primate
Aug 25, 2005
Mt. Pleasant Township, PA
A woman suffered a sprained wrist and possibly torn ligaments when Jewel, an... Elephant
Jul 20, 2005
Portsmouth, NH
A circus truck pulling a trailer with two elephants broke down on Interstate... Elephant
Apr 13, 2005
Polk City, FL
Tova, a 36-year-old female Asian elephant, kicked her elephant trainer at the... Elephant
Jan 31, 2005
Fort Wayne, IN
An elephant fatally trampled her trainer while being loaded into a truck. The... Elephant
Dec 05, 2004
Laredo, TX
A Bengal tiger with the Great Circus of China bit and mangled a circus worker’s... Big Cat
Nov 26, 2004
Evansville, IN
A chimpanzee with the Hadi Shrine Circus bit a circus guest during a pre-show... Primate
Nov 06, 2004
Sarasota, FL
An 18-year-old circus worker was bitten by a bear while trying to break up aggressive... undefined
Sep 28, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI
A horse with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus was killed shortly after... Other
Jul 31, 2004
Queens, NY
Apollo, a white tiger, escaped from Cole Bros. Circus and wandered through a... Big Cat
Jul 14, 2004
Fresno, CA
A lion with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus was found dead after crossing... Big Cat
May 11, 2004
Dayton, OH
Two Norwegian Fjord horses traveling with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey... Other
Apr 25, 2004
Spokane, WA
At least 10 cats and a bobcat were killed when a travel trailer parked inside... Small Cat
Aug 05, 2003
Milwaukee, WI
During a Siberian tiger act at UniverSoul Circus, the tigers seemed unwilling... Big Cat
Jun 11, 2003
Brownsville, TX
Two baby zebras jumped the fence of a traveling circus and made their way down... Other
Apr 30, 2003
Columbus, OH
An alligator bit an animal handler at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus... Reptile
Mar 21, 2003
Lincoln, NE
Fort Worth, a 7-year-old Shetland pony with the Shrine Circus, bolted through... Other
Feb 03, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
Chad, a 450-pound Bengal tiger with the UniverSoul Circus, squeezed through... Big Cat
Aug 23, 2002
Norfolk, VA
A handler with Sterling and Reid Circus faces animal cruelty charges after being... Elephant
Aug 10, 2002
Rhinebeck, NY
The trailer transporting 2 African elephants owned by the Carson & Barnes Circus... Elephant

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