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Exotic Animal Incidents

Category: Escape/Attack resulting in human death

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Location/Date Description Species
Dec 12, 1999
Van Nuys, CA
A Los Angeles Zoo volunteer died after her “pet” Gabon viper bit her. The... Reptile
Jul 06, 1999
Orlando, FL
An employee at SeaWorld Orlando found a 27 year old man dead and naked on the... Marine
Jun 06, 1999
New Castle County, DE
A 45-year-old man was found dead in his apartment from an apparent rattlesnake... Reptile
Jun 02, 1999
Yorktown, TX
A male tiger jumped on a 10-year-old girl who entered the cage with her stepfather... Big Cat
Jan 07, 1999
Phoenix, AZ
A Phoenix man was bitten to death by his “pet” rattlesnake. In addition... Reptile
Nov 13, 1998
Gainseville, FL
Five weeks after kiling his trainer, white Bengal tiger named Jupiter owned... Big Cat
Nov 13, 1998
Gainesville, FL
A previously healthy 5-month-old boy died from contracting Salmonella from the... Reptile
Oct 07, 1998
Gainesville, FL
A tiger with Ron and Joy Holiday's Cat Dancers killed his trainer after being... Big Cat
May 08, 1997
Gainesville, TX
An elephant at the Frank Buck Zoo crushed her handler to death when he entered... Elephant
May 07, 1997
Carrollton, PA
A 400-lb tiger with Frazen Bros Circus killed his trainer by pouncing on him... Big Cat
Oct 01, 1996
Queens, NY
A 19-year-old man was killed by his “pet” python after the snake wrapped... Reptile
Oct 03, 1995
A "pet" lion killed a woman and severely injured her friend when the woman entered... Big Cat
Mar 05, 1995
Washington, DC
Lions killed and partially devoured a woman who entered their enclosure at the... Big Cat
Aug 20, 1994
Honolulu, HI
Tyke, an elephant with Circus International, killed her trainer, injured a circus... Elephant
Jun 06, 1994
Miami, FL
A tiger mauled and killed the senior zookeeper at the Miami Metrozoo when the... Big Cat
Jul 30, 1993
Tampa, FL
An elephant at the Lowry Park Zoo pinned a keeper to the ground and kicked her... Elephant
Jun 05, 1993
Fishkill, NY
An elephant with the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus pinned a man against a trailer... Elephant
May 05, 1993
Williston, FL
While visiting Ringling Bros's elephant breeding compound, world famous elephant... Elephant
Dec 15, 1992
San Antonio, TX
An elephant keeper at the San Antonio Zoo was killed when an elephant grabbed... Elephant
May 13, 1991
A lion with Kessler Bros. Circus put the head of the animal trainer in her mouth,... Big Cat

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