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Wild Animal Traps Do Not Discriminate. Our Database Lists the Cats, Dogs, Others Who Suffer

Testimonials from Our Supporters

"With the increased calls regarding wild species in our suburban area, the brochures from Born Free USA are a great tool to inform citizens about the facts. We currently utilize the Coexisting with Coyotes, Deer, and Wildlife brochures as hand-outs for our Animal Control Officer to educate the public regarding suspect behaviors of animals that are encountered."

— Perrysburg (OH) Police Division

"Thank you for all you do for animals. Let's do more."

— California supporter

"Thanks for all you do. I gave $150 at the Wildlife Expo in San Francisco (I collect money from co-workers), and now with that that awful happening in Ohio it made sense to give you some more."

— California supporter

"I love that Born Free USA helps animals in so many ways — from strengthening laws to investigations to providing sanctuary to wild species in need."

— online donor

"Thank you for all your work on behalf of the animals!"

— online donor

"Born Free USA manages to produce quality campaigns on a shoestring budget that often surpass what much larger organizations produce with quadruple the funds and workforce."

— online donor

"Thank you for keeping up the Good Fight!!!"

— Florida member

"A highly effective organization with a knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive staff."

— The Avian Welfare Coalition

"Thank you for working on behalf of elephant freedom from circuses and other animals."

— Massachusetts member

"Born Free USA is a reIatively small organization but (it is) a powerhouse when it comes to wildlife protection."

— long-time corporate partner

"Thank you for shedding much needed light, Born Free USA."

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"I could not ask for a more responsive, informed, expert, caring organization than Born Free USA."

— TrailSafe Nevada

"Please continue to do good work for these wonderful animals. I trust you to do the right things for them!"

— Illinois member

"This organization's campaigns are well thought out, targeted and yet diverse. They approach issues with creativity and professionalism, backed with science and investigations. They are a small staff but turn out a huge amount of work."

— online donor