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Celebrity Supporters


"Africa's lion numbers are in free-fall across much of their range. Listing the lion as endangered on the ESA will make a positive difference."

Joanna Lumley, Broadway and television actress, Born Free Foundation's founder patron


"How anyone could kill any creature is beyond me, but killing a lion, the king of all beasts, is simply beyond comprehension."

Bryan Adams, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, photographer

Comedian and animal activist Bill Maher encourages people who oppose the use of elephants and other wild animals for entertainment purposes to learn more about Born Free USA. (Click on the image to see the video.)


"There is a reason they are called wild! Leave them alone and let them live their lives where they belong and where God has put them. ... They survive because of natural balance. By changing their behaviors we are crippling the existence of all species. That is how we will eventually lose all species."

Joanna Krupa, actress, supermodel, reality TV star, activist


"Wildlife belongs in the wild because wild animals are meant to be free just like us and live in a peaceful, natural, unharmed environment. Wildlife is diminishing because of human encroachment, poaching, trophy hunting, lack of conservation, which all comes down to greed. This must end!"

Katie Cleary, actress, television host, founder/president of "Peace 4 Animals"


"I believe wildlife belongs in the wild because bears deserve to live — not needlessly be killed for their gallbladders and bile to create traditional Asian medicines and toiletries. There are synthetic alternatives to using bear parts, as well as dozens of herbal substitutes that would still conform to traditional Chinese medicinal practices."

Ricky Gervais, award-winning actor, comedian, writer, producer, director


"If my home were in the wild, that's where I'd want to be. So keep wildlife in their home in the wild!"

Florence Henderson, actress


"I am asking you to help keep wildlife in the wild because we are at a crucial juncture with so many species going into extinction, and habitat for remaining wildlife diminishing by the hour. This is the moment to stand up for voiceless, helpless wild animals and say: Enough. They must be protected from poachers, hunters and thoughtless, heartless, habitat-wrecking consumers and corporations."

Jane Velez-Mitchell, TV anchor (Headline News) and author


"If you care about animals and the environment, you will help keep wildlife in the wild by never wearing fur. As an actor, producer and puppeteer, I hope to spread the word to the public as well as to my theater and television colleagues that fur is not okay for costumes, puppet making, or props either! Animals deserve our respect and we owe it to them."

John Tartaglia, best known as the star of Disney's "Johnny and the Sprites," the Broadway show "Avenue Q," and a veteran puppeteer on "Sesame Street" among other shows.


"Wildlife belongs in the wild. To respect wildlife is to respect the world and everything in it."

Julia Barr, Emmy Award-winning actress ("All My Children") and animal activist, as well as a Born Free USA fffashion competition judge


"I am asking you to help keep wildlife in the wild because that's where wild animals belong!"

Elizabeth Emanuel, clothes designer perhaps best-known for creating Princess Diana's wedding gown, as well as a Born Free USA fffashion competition judge


"I am asking you to help keep wildlife in the wild because our children and their children's children deserve the same privilege of learning to appreciate and respect all the magnificent creatures who cohabitate this beautiful planet."

Gregory Jbara, Tony Award-winning actor ("Billy Elliot the Musical")


"I am asking you to help keep wildlife in the wild because in order to preserve the delicate balance of life on Earth, we need to protect those who share our planet with us. We're all in this together."

Mariana Tosca, actress, producer and social advocate


"Wildlife belongs in the wild because they are our 'Fur Angels' and should be loved and revered — not live in fear!"

Jill Rappaport, TV correspondent ("The Today Show") and best-selling author


"Wildlife belongs in the wild because they need to live in the majesty of their own natural habitat. That is their place — not ours."

Linda Dano, Emmy Award-winning actress ("One Life to Live," "Another World")


Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Television personality, talk show host, manager, producer, author and philanthropist Sharon Osbourne and her daughter, singer, actress and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne, are patrons of the Born Free Foundation. Both are powerful international advocates for the protection of animals as well as other causes close to their hearts, and they support Born Free USA and its aim to encourage compassion and cruelty-free fashion.


Melissa Rivers, TV personality and producer, co-star of "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?"


Victoria Principal, actress ("Dallas") and best-selling author.

REO Speedwagon

"Born Free USA has it right. Stick to your cats and dogs, some animals are not meant to be pets! Wildlife belongs in the wild."

Neal Doughty, REO Speedwagon