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Announcing a First-of-Its-Kind Investigation into U.S. Fur Trapping

In early 2011 Born Free USA and Respect for Animals conducted a landmark investigation inside the world of fur trapping. We uncovered — for the first time in more than a decade — the shocking cruelty and brutality involved in the trapping of wild animals for the fur trade.

For access to complete high-resolution and extensive B Roll footage or high-resolution photographs from the investigation: Contact Rodi Rosensweig at publicrelations@bornfreeusa.org or (203) 270-8929. If requesting high-resolution photographs, please be prepared to provide the photo numbers from the low-resolution photo previews listed above.

More About Trapping

Body-gripping traps, including leghold, snare, and kill-type Conibear traps, are the cruel tools of the fur and wildlife damage control trades.

These indiscriminate traps bring indescribable suffering and death to millions of animals each year. Some are trapped for the fur industry. Others are trapped in the name of wildlife "management." Still others are "incidental" animals accidentally caught, injured, and, often, killed.

Both targeted and non-targeted animals (including companion animals and endangered species) fall victim to traps. Born Free USA united with API has documented, through a comprehensive review of scientific literature, that trapped animals may suffer severe physical injury, psychological trauma, thirst, hypothermia, and predation. They may remain in traps for days or longer before dying or being killed - often by bludgeoning so as not to damage the animal's valuable pelt.

Myths about trapping abound. Trapping apologists frequently claim that trapping is humane, tightly regulated, selective, and necessary. But the facts show otherwise. Our documentary film and companion book, Cull of the Wild, have received rave reviews from activists, public officials, and media outlets across the country, and opened the eyes of thousands of people to the truth behind trapping.

Today, fewer than 150,000 people trap in the U.S., each earning on average less than a few hundred dollars a year. Yet the federal government continues to expand trapping on public lands, even in the National Wildlife Refuge System.

For more information contact press@bornfreeusa.org or call (203) 270-8929.