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Born Free USA Blog
Adam M Roberts

Born Free USA Blog

by Adam M Roberts,
Chief Executive Officer

When it comes to animals, Adam Roberts not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Since beginning his animal advocacy career in Washington, D.C. in 1991, Adam's ambition, tireless involvement, and profound knowledge of conservation and wildlife issues have cemented him as a go-to voice for protecting animals — and he has elevated Born Free USA to the respected and impactful organization that we know today. Adam's compassionate, informed, and forward-thinking blogs will surely motivate you to join us in our fight to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

The Walls Are Closing in on Lions

Published 12/14/12

A recently released analysis by experts in the field finds African lions have lost 75 percent of their original habitat. The study identifies just 67 isolated regions on the continent where lions now live. Only 15 of those individual regions are believed to contain more than 500 lions, and the total African lion population in the wild is estimated to be between 32,000 and 35,000. A quarter-century ago, there were about 70,000 lions.

That’s all very sobering for those of us who are working to keep wildlife in the wild, and who have a special place in our hearts for lions. (Have you seen the movie “Born Free,” or noticed the species on Born Free’s logo?)

How can lions be saved? Obviously, to enable their long-term viability in the wild will require a focused, tightly disciplined global effort by governing bodies, wildlife law enforcers and, not least of all, “consumers” — we must all embrace the compassionate, respectful position that lions are not trophies, lions are not medicine, lions are not entertainment, lions are not meat. They are incredibly strong and noble wild creatures who must be allowed their rightful place on our planet, rather than be objectified by humans in a genocidal frenzy of consumption.

As you may have heard, Born Free USA is part of a coalition push to have the African lion listed as “endangered” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. That is one of many steps we must take to keep this magnificent species in the wild, where it belongs. Stay in frequent touch with our Lions webpage to learn ways in which you can help.

Blogging off,

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