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Celebrate National Bird Day

Fur as Fashion

Fur Free Retailer Program

Born Free USA works to counter the industry's attempt to "democratize" fur by exposing the truth about this appalling and cruel trade and urging consumers to shop with a heart by eschewing all fur and fur-trimmed products.

We work hard to shine a spotlight on the practices of the fur trade, and to encourage people to shun fur. Since no market can profit without customers, API focuses its efforts in the fight against fur on consumer education.

You can make a difference!

  • Be a Compassionate Consumer. Don't buy fur or fur-trimmed products. Although it can be difficult to tell real fur from faux, close inspection of items provides clues. Here are some helpful tips:

    1. Fake (or faux) fur feels coarse, not soft
    2. Fake (or faux) fur contains hairs that are all the same length and color (animal fur usually contains layers of hair of different lengths and textures)
    3. Fake (or faux) fur is mounted or attached on a base that can be perforated by a pin, while genuine fur remains attached to the animal's skin, which is more difficult to penetrate.
  • Speak out. When you see fur or fur-trimmed items in stores, window displays, catalogues, or advertisements, write to company executives and let them know that their support of the cruel fur industry is unacceptable. Urge them to adopt a "no fur" policy that includes "no fur trim."
  • Learn more about trapping and farming by visiting www.bancrueltraps.com. Animals used in fur garments and for fur trim are either raised on crowded, filthy fur farms where cruelty is the norm, or trapped in the wild using inhumane and indiscriminate devices such as steel-jaw leghold traps and strangulation neck snares. Every one of these animals died a violent death, through anal electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, drowning, clubbing and/or strangulation. The more you know, the more we can help stop this cruel industry.

Fashion Designers wanted for our Fur Free Fashion competition