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Eco-Friendly Totes

Find Your Lawmaker

Citizens are represented by elected officials at the town or city, county, state, and national level. Enter your ZIP code in the form below to find your Federal and State representatives. If you're seeking your State representatives, you'll see on the page that comes up a link to the right of Federal Officials for your State Officials. Click on that.

Below are ways to identify and contact your city and county officials.

Please enter your 5 digit ZIP code or your ZIP+4:


How to Contact Your Town, City, and County Officials

  • Several sources are available to assist in identifying your elected officials. Local offices of political party organizations and the League of Women Voters may be contacted. In addition, your local library, board of elections, or state legislature information desk can usually supply the information. These offices are listed in the Government section of your local telephone directory white pages. For immediate information, see the Find Your Local Elected Officials page at the League of Women Voters website.