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Progress Through Legislation

One of the most effective ways to advocate on behalf of animals is to become involved in the political process.

All changes in public attitudes and behavior toward animals must eventually be reflected in our laws. Very few citizens take the time to communicate with their elected officials, so it's possible to have a great influence on the outcome of policy decisions. Politicians consider one piece of communication from 1 person as representing the view of 100 people!

Born Free USA participates in the public policy process at the local, state, national level, and international level — and we can show you how to do it too. We need everyone who cares about animals and their treatment to help by calling, writing, and visiting their public officials. You don't need to be a voter to express your concerns; anyone, no matter what your age, can do something. It can take as little as a minute and can make a big difference. If you're an Activist, or want to become one, we can help.

Current Legislation

Born Free USA tracks some of the pending bills that affect animals at the state and national levels.

  • For State Legislation, you'll find a map of the United States. Click on any state to see the pending bills for that state. Each bill that applies to any of our campaigns is summarized, along with OUR position ("support" or "oppose") and what you can do. Contact information is supplied so you can express your concerns directly to your own state legislators.
  • For Federal Legislation, we track bills that apply to any of our campaigns as well as other animal issues. Each bill is summarized, along with our position ("support" or "oppose") and what you can do. You can quickly see if your Representatives or Senators support the bill by clicking on the links provided to the co-sponsors at the Library of Congress site. We've also provided other resources so you can learn more.

Born Free USA Helps Lawmakers

Born Free USA also helps lawmakers pass animal legislation. Working with federal, state, and local legislators to strengthen existing animal protection measures or to establish new laws, we offer extensive experience drafting legislation, mobilizing grassroots efforts, lobbying, testifying at hearings, and passing bills on a variety of animal issues.

Get More Information

If you'd like further information on what else you can do, consider Joining our Action Alert Team. We also work through the courts to defend animals when legislation or the actions of government officials and private citizens groups harm or exploit animals. Find out more about our ongoing participation in litigation.

For further information, contact our Legal and Government Affairs Department, legislation@bornfreeusa.org.