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API Gives Thanks

Published 12/15/05
Source: Animal Issues, Volume 36 Number 4, Winter 2005

All of us at API would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the great companies that joined the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) in 2005.

These companies have made the commitment to end animal testing by agreeing to abide by the most stringent Standard out there — the one ensuring that no animal testing is part of a company’s manufacturing process now, or ever!

API is a member of CCIC and also serves as headquarters for CCIC’s U.S. and Canadian company certification program. API is proud of the CCIC-approved companies’ efforts against animal testing and encourages consumers to demonstrate their support by patronizing these committed producers.

By spending your dollars wisely and compassionately with CCIC-approved companies, you can feel confident that you are using products that are truly free of animal testing. You will also be saying “thank you” to those companies that are an active in the effort to end animal testing in the U.S. and Canada once and for all!

As more and more companies seek to rid their products of all animal testing, CCIC is there as a valuable resource, helping those companies get the support and tools they need to make their “no animal testing” vision a reality. We also help compassionate consumers by spreading the word about companies that have made this important commitment and by guiding shoppers to products free of animal testing.

As of press time, the following companies joined CCIC and committed to the Standard in 2005:

Bonicca Natural Body Care
Desert Mermaid
Earth Dance Botanical Bodycare
The Good Home Co.
Hard Candy
NakedHerbs, LLC
Sewing Expressions, LLC

By fulfilling the obligations of the Standard, CCIC companies agree to:

  1. Not conduct animal tests nor allow others to animal test on their behalf;
  2. Not purchase ingredients that have been tested on animals after a fixed cut-off date; and
  3. Obtain verifiable assurances (developed by the CCIC program) of the implementation of a system to ensure their contract manufacturers and ingredient suppliers comply with this Standard.

With certification by the CCIC, these 2005 companies — as well as all of the CCIC-approved companies — have demonstrated that not only do they wish to see an end to animal testing for cosmetics and household products, but that they are committed to the international effort to prove it is possible to make great products without animals suffering in laboratories!

The existence of deceptive product labels claiming “no animal testing” or offering an animal image to imply a no-testing policy necessitates extra examination by consumers to confirm that a meaningful policy is actually in place. This is a big burden for compassionate consumers to bear!

As headquarters for CCIC, API is pleased to lighten the consumers’ load. We take on the task of investigating and verifying animal testing policies, and work with conscientious companies to help them (and you!) be sure no animals have suffered in labs for their products.

For a full list of companies approved by CCIC, visit www.compassionateconsumer.com. If you don’t see a favorite company listed, please write that company a letter, give them a call, or drop them an email to let them know that CCIC would be happy to help them certify their animal testing policy! Tell companies to call us toll-free at (888) 546-CCIC or the web site address www.leapingbunny.org. Be sure to let them know that being part of CCIC is free — all they need to do is make the commitment to keep animal testing out of their products!

Learn More Online

API has launched our new website, with expanded resources on the issue of animal testing for cosmetics and household products!

Among other things, the site offers “Fast Facts” and answers to frequently asked questions about animal testing — information that can be useful when you’re drafting a letter to a cosmetic company, chatting with a sales representative, or talking to a friend about your compassionate beliefs.

Our website also provides information about the recent ban on animal testing for cosmetics in the European Union and an explanation of the amendment to the European Cosmetics Directive, as well as the timelines for the various bans. (We even have a downloadable version of the Directive if you’d like to read the entire document.)

You can also click on the link to a CCIC-approved company listed on our site, and it will take you to that company’s home page, where you can learn more about the company, its product lines, and availability (some companies offer shipping right to your door!).

In addition, we have included on the site a guide to reading between the lines of cosmetics label claims (such as “No Animal Testing”), as well as links to the Coalition to Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC), and steps you can take on this important issue!

In the Compassionate Consumerism section of the site, you will also find information about other consumer issues that may interest you, such as how animals are treated in pet shops, the use of fur in fashion, or just how easy it can be to “go veggie!”

So visit us online at www.compassionateconsumer.com and learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of animals when you shop!

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