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Partners = Possibility

Published 12/01/12
By Will Travers, Born Free USA Chief Executive Officer

The following story appeared in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue of Born Free USA’s magazine, Animal Issues Digest.

There are times, in our intense, seemingly endless efforts to relieve animals from the cruelty and exploitation they endure, when we feel quite alone. Late nights poring over ivory trade data; meeting in office after office with lawmakers about humane legislation; seeking donations from all corners of the country to ensure we can guarantee the highest levels of care for the individual animals who rely on our compassionate stewardship.

But none of us is alone at Born Free. We all work together to achieve every success possible.

Our partners across the globe help us conserve wildlife for future generations. Delegates from Kenya, Benin, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Israel, Brazil and Vietnam will be championing compassionate proposals at the March 2013 CITES meeting (see cover story) to save elephants and rhinoceroses many other species who would be moving inexorably toward extinction were it not for our intervention.

Our partners make animal rescues possible — thoughtful attorneys and heroic citizens who ensure that individual animals in need can enjoy lifetime care at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

Our partners also include Catherine Best and Sharon Ward, creators of Moon-Signs jewelry, sales of which benefit Born Free. They include art gallery owners such as who hold events on our behalf such as ThinkSpace in California. And they include everyone who makes a donation, hosts a house party (as the Peninsular Volunteers for Born Free USA did recently), or includes Born Free USA in estate planning.

I’m so excited to announce another partnership: Brian May, the legendary guitarist of Queen, and London singing sensation Kerry Ellis have released a new version of the inspirational song “Born Free” and are using it to support our work to save African lions. Learn more, and see the music video, at www.bornfree.

Animals need us as never before. Will you join the list of Born Free partners? The possibilities are endless.

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