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The Cruelty of Fur Trim

Published 12/15/02
Source: Animal Issues, Volume 33 Number 4, Winter 2002

The next time you walk down a city street on a cold winter day, take a close look at what people are wearing. Chances are you’ll find fur trim on everything from jacket collars and cuffs to sweaters and vests — even handbags and belts. The fur industry is spending big to weave what it calls “the new American fabric” into any item it can convince designers to sell.

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Proposition 4: Traversing the Courts

Published 06/15/02
Source: Animal Issues, Volume 33 Number 2, Summer 2002

In 1998, California voters overwhelmingly passed (by 57.5%) Proposition 4, the state ballot initiative introduced by API and six other animal advocacy organizations in a coalition called ProPAW (Protect Pets and Wildlife).

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