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fffashion L.A. 2011: The Principles

Published 09/28/11

Pretty Birdie by Stephanie Teague* — www.stephanieteague.etsy.com

Pretty Birdie is a hand-made, eco friendly clothing line founded in 2008, and based in Greesnboro, NC. The company's founder and head designer, Stephanie Teague, has been in the world of fashion for more than 15 years, beginning as a model. She worked in many major markets across the United States and Europe, and gained incredible insight into the world of design and fashion. She is completely self-taught as a designer. Stephanie began Pretty Birdie with one main objective - to provide buyers with eco-friendly clothing and accessories that were fashionable, yet comfortable.

* First-place winner, fur free fashion competition.

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Speak Up for New Mexico's Wildlife on Sept. 14, 2011

Published 08/29/11

As you know, Born Free USA recently conducted an undercover trapping investigation documenting the cruelty of fur trapping in the United States – including New Mexico.

Following this investigation, we asked our dedicated supporters to call on the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to take immediate steps to protect your state’s wildlife from the barbaric cruelty uncovered by our investigation, and you did.

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N.Y. Passes Bear Trade Bill — a Step Forward

Published 06/21/11

Update (August 2011): Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed the bill into law. It takes effect on Jan. 1, 2012.

The New York Legislature has officially passed legislation to restrict the trade in bear gallbladders and bile, an issue brought to the Legislature’s attention by Born Free USA.

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Help Make National Forests Safer for Animals!

Submit Your Comments on the Forest Planning Rule

Published 05/04/11

(Following is a suggestion on what comments you might make about the proposed Forest Planning Rule. Please take the time to personalize these comments, which is likely to give them more impact. Make your comments by visiting govcomments.com. The deadline is May 16, 2011.)

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Conservation Risks and Threats to the Lion

Statement of Adam M. Roberts, Executive Vice President, Born Free USA, on the Petition to List the African Lion as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act

Published 03/01/11

Good morning. My name is Adam Roberts and I am the executive vice president of Born Free USA, based here in Washington, D.C. I am speaking to you on behalf of both Born Free USA and our counterpart in England, the Born Free Foundation.

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How the Endangered Species Act Works

Published 03/01/11

The Endangered Species Act (16 U.S.C. §1531, et seq.) (ESA) is America’s most powerful wildlife conservation and protection law. The ESA is administered by two federal agencies, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Its primary purpose is to conserve endangered and threatened species and their ecosystems.

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Why Cormorants Can’t Kill All the Fish

Cormorants: An Excuse to Kill

Published 01/25/11
By Barry Kent MacKay, Senior Program Associate

Double-breasted cormorant
(Painting by Barry Kent MacKay)

Most people who believe the double-crested cormorant population in North America, especially in the east, threatens the environment and therefore should be reduced, will not see this document. And if they do, I suspect most will avoid reading it, or other documents about cormorants on this website.

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Fur Council of Canada Misinformation

A Point-By-Point Rebuttal of the Organization’s ‘Fur Is Green’ Website

Published 01/25/11
By Barry Kent MacKay, Senior Program Associate

It is important to illustrate the way in which the Fur Council of Canada (FCC) misrepresents both the results of its own industry on the environment, and the endeavors of organizations and individuals whose dedication to animal protection, conservation and the environment may bring them into conflict with the fur industry.

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