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What You Can Do

Every little bit helps! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Learn about bear farming and the illegal bear gallbladder and bile trade in the United States, then tell others. Learn the facts and understand the science so you can counter uninformed arguments.
  2. Do you know any TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioners? If so, inform them of the advantages of pharmaceutical UDCA and why this is the best way to get the benefits of bear bile. Explain that bear bile products are flawed as medicinals and are the result of extreme animal cruelty.
  3. If you are a hunter, or know hunters, educate others on this issue. The support of hunters will go a long way in this fight. Awareness of the problem is very important. We want poaching for gallbladders to stop, and the eyes and ears of hunters can help! Please keep in mind that the goal is to stop poaching, not legal hunting.
  4. Do you know someone in the government? Talk to them. Do you know a celebrity? Celebrities can be invaluable. Our country loves celebrities of all kinds and they can gain access and use their influence to help.
  5. Use your creativity to think of ways to forward this agenda. Send us information; send us ideas. This site is dynamic and is updated frequently to make it more accurate and current. We've improved this site over the past six months because of outside input. You can help this process. You can help us help bears.